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The high sales volume must be enough to offset the reduced per-unit price because so many food manufacturers do this now. Things like bread, chocolate, biscuits, potato chips It's a sign of the times I guess. Yeah of course, you decrease the size and quantities of the pricier ingredients, and add in more of the cheaper ones. It's the same story all over the place, and it clearly works. It's no wonder NZ is one of the fattest countries in the world. Nope - the standard large now is the family size back then.

The extra large now was the large then.

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The 5 buck garlic pizza from dominoes is a champion. Whenever I goto a potluck I grab four of the bastards. I used to be all about the meat and would have to have meat in all my meals but with cheap pizza I don't care about the meat.. And order online and add all the free stuff - chilli flakes, garlic sauce, oregano. I use it as a base pizza too, add meat to it and still cheaper than their menu.

The website is not as user friendly as Dominos. Also my local PH is a lot better than the Dominos. Even more bizarrely, according to this post on Facebook , the increase is only in certain stores. Queenstown is notorious for this. Most of the national franchises have higher prices there e. MacDonalds, Hell Pizza etc. The crust tastes identical to Sal's and for a couple of extra bucks plus some cheese you can easily add your own toppings like ham and pineapple or salami and canned mushroom. For me cause of serious copious amounts of cash that I'm saving buying these everytime I get pizza craving instead of Sal's, I like to put gourmet salami on top of mine and sprinkle it with parmesean cheese.

Honestly I can't recommend this to people enough that if you're after a much cheaper identical pizza to Sal's, Select Pizza's at Countdown are the way to go. You have to try it I'll try it. Our oven is shit though so it's not always an option for us. I'll let you know mate.

It's this sort of crappy product that has lead to the runaway success of Hell's Pizza. They were sloppy and pizza wasn't the best imho - in West Auckland was grim ok?? Then hell pizza turned up, run by good people and they knew they had to compete and produce good product with a fair price range. The rest is history. But to my mind they are only as good as their franchise model and they have been getting slack lately, and pricey. Pizza Hut has always been the slacker - and again they had that cardboard, tasteless crust stuff happening.

NZers do not tolerate crappy expensive pizza. We just don't.

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So for the sake of the food eco-system Pizza Hut up the product or drop the price. For some reason I've neglected Hells until this year. Got lust deluxe and fuck I was borderline choking on it cuz was eating it so fast. Some good shit there. Hell's Pizza costs about double what Pizza Hut or Dominos usually costs with their coupons.

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Hell's is not competing against those two. Hell are my baseline pizza place in Hamilton, but the quality varies a lot, especially for the price. Mizzoni do fucking great wood fired pizzas, but I find their food handling a bit suss and usually if I'm ordering pizza I CBF driving across town to get it. I actually like both Dominos and Pizza Hut. And Hell's for that matter, although given the price I eat there much less often.

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Sometimes I'm in the mood for "cardboard, tasteless crust stuff" and you can't argue with the price. Any base will do, Leggo's pizza sauce with the herbs is the best I've found. Tomato paste is acidic and bland. Then any toppings will do, sauce then cheese, anything flat e. True true. But nothing compares to a run down Italian restaurant in the late s on Ponsonby Road. It was this place called Calebra? Run by ex-Italian Mob. This place had empty wine bottles with straw bases strung around the room and made home made gelato.

Their pizza was the real deal and I remember it fondly. I came close to this experience, in Australia with again a bunch of ex-calabrian chefs on cooking visas did a pizza with a stone oven, just off Lygon Street in North Melbourne. From another pizza-maker who doesn't like making his own bases Better than most of the ones I've made myself too! I've never enjoyed Hell personally. I mean sure they're better, but they aren't worth the price considering Hell is selling pizza at restaurant prices. Yep the early s Hell is different from the post franchise model Hell. But Auckland's pizza market is different from then too.

People generally don't believe me when I make this point, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that Hell changed when franchise stores opening up pretty much everywhere. I stopped eating hells when they changed their garlic bread and then had the nerve to tell me when I asked about it, that the chewy butterless shit they were serving me now, was the same as the crispy bread dripping in garlicy butter that I had bought a couple weeks prior.

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This is interesting to me, I don't remember hells existing at all pre Were they in auckland before then? I worked for Eagle Boys - I guess it depends on region to region because at least in the Hutt Valley the only alternatives back in were Pizza Haven and Pizza Hutt. I still do miss the Satay chicken because it has the spicy consistency of the Whitlocks satay sauce which had a kick to it when compared to the disappointing satay chicken pizza Hell has to offer.

Wooh, thanks Pizza Haven! Take me back.

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Did they have a red and blue box or? I honestly can't remember anything about Pizza Haven if it was any good or not. Tonight's meal was my local Thai joint, they do a very good peanut sauce on chicken satay. Yes, it is a dark time when pizza franchises hit the wall.

The prior 18 months before the receivers are called in is a joy though. So much discounted pizza All I want on a pizza is sauce, cheese, and maybe some pepperoni. Either that or some vegetables. They over complicate it and the pizza ends up being disappointing. Oh I had those aswell. If I'm not mistaken it came with the gluten free base which just made it taste like an actual cardboard lol.

But I still think they're decent, especially with their custom pizza maker which comes handy since my gf only eats those non dairy cheese.

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I want to like Hells but their Timaru store is garbage. The base is like eating cardboard and the meat is just nothing but chewy. Pizza Hut doesn't deliver to me for some reason, so Dominos is my go-to. Take those Dominos "New York style" pizzas, they say they're authentic, but a true NY style pizza is not really like the ones they offer, one important characteristic is the cheese is about to slide off when you put it in your mouth, another is that they fold easily. Canadian Pizza Hut is pretty good, Dominos used to be terrible but have gotten better. I find that with any fast food, the only thing better here seems to be the beef.

Every other aspect of fast food here is much worse, and it's a fair bit more expensive. I don't want to be judgemental but I think it's down to low earners here both customer and employee just not giving a rats ass how bad the food is as long as its fast. The profit margins are far too high here when you consider what you're getting, and how much the person giving it to you is getting paid.

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  6. The same goes for vegtables, meat and dairy at the grocery stores here. We're getting ripped off and it's sad to see so many families opt for the more affordable and convenient, but much less healthy options. I'm regularly seeing kids walk out of Four Square chugging a 1. No wonder Pizza Hut can do this.

    Junk food should be a once a week thing, if that. Sorry for the tangent but this situation needs to change, it's barely getting any political attention. Sugar is far too accessible. It varies from person to person and branch to branch. At my old place our local dominos was shit and pizza hut was good, moved recently and now the local dominos is good and the pizza hut is terrible.

    I haven't had American Pizza Hut, but I have had Canadian Pizza Hut, it reminded me of what Pizza Hut used to be back in the mid 90's when they were a dine in pizza joint before they became this take out only place and the ingredient quality nose dived , Canadian pizza hut is so so good, it took me back to a magical time in my childhood, I think most here will remember pizza hut being significantly better way way back in the day compared to the shit they serve now, like the cheese that used to get draw out long strings when you peeled up a fresh slice, it doesn't do that anymore.

    I honestly never thought that I'd see the day where we're the ones getting the lowest cost for food. I remember those discount books being worth it. It's also why the 'all-you-can-eat' pizza huts were viable. Now the pizza is rock bottom prices and people are complaining about paying 1 dollar more for a shitty pizza cause the people making it need to get paid more than 30c an hour. How is pizza so cheap here? I feel like this is a desperate attempt to stay afloat. You know a company is about to crash when it starts increasing it's prices without any obvious reasons why. I feel like they were at the top for so long that they just assumed that there wouldn't be any competitors that could overtake them.

    Now that they are losing the battle, they've realised that they left it too late to fight back so they are just trying to recover as much as they can. They did have the cheapest prices going for them though, which I know some people relied on. A one dollar increase in price is a lot for some poorer families, I hope news doesn't ruin anyone's day No obvious reason? Fuel taxes hit everything, because everything goes on trucks and trucks use fuel. The Pizza Hutt here in Claudelands, Hamilton is fking shit quality with shitter service.

    I once tried to order pickup at pm and was told they were closed even tho the website and THEIR front door said 11pm close. Totally worth it tho imo. Best pizza I've ever had. Whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es the fuck do you think you are? Dominos is worse than Pizza Hutt! I thought that was common opinion.

    Bases at PH have a nice crispy, fried taste I enjoy. Otherwise both taste of frozen shit reheated. What I wouldn't give for a good pizza, like a really good pizza. That and a good veal sandwich. Dominoes value range is interesting. Sometimes I get a great pizza. If I order before 4pm. According to Davies personal communication, 15 August, , the economic downturn had little effect on Hell Pizza, as people are more likely to stay at home and order takeout, as opposed to dining out in a restaurant.

    This is confirmed by a survey by Statistic New Zealand, , which showed on average 8.

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    In countries such as India, United Kingdom and South Korea, their population density is significantly higher than that of New Zealand; therefore each shop they open will be exposed to exponentially greater amount of people. However, opening up shops overseas also means that Hell Pizza has to adapt to the local culture. For example, in South Korean, Hell Pizza had to cut their menu down to just 11 items for the South Koreans, as well as alter the brand attitude slightly. Whereas New Zealanders can relate to the laid-back personality with Hell Pizza, Koreans are not as comfortable with such informality Rogers, Another example which demonstrates the effect of different cultures on a business is Hell Pizza in India, where they had to offer greater variety of vegetarian pizzas, in order to fit into to the local customs Rogers, Unsustainable energy sources such as oil and coal are fast running out, leading to an increase in the transportation cost across the production chain, and thereby increasing the final food prices Kotler et al, a.

    While Hell Pizza recycles where they can, and try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, Davies personal communication, August 15, admits that these efforts have to take into account the cost effectiveness and profitability of these measures. The shift from telephone ordering to online ordering means that staffs that were previously tied up with answering the phone is now freed to assist with production. This allows for more efficient use of labour, thus reducing the labour cost. The newest technology war is on smartphones. Currently, Hell Pizza has an iPhone application, where the user can place orders iTunes, However, users on other systems such as Android and Windows are left out iTunes, If Hell Pizza can reach those users, they would really be taking good advantage of the smartphone technology.

    Some of the regulations and legislations which the hospitality industry in particular must abide by regarding the consumers include Food Hygiene Regulations , Food Act and amendments As for the employees, there are the Health and safety in Employment Act and subsequent amendments , and Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Any additional laws could affect the operation of Hell Pizza.

    If this goes through, Hell Pizza would have to change their existing nutritional traffic light system to the new one. The population as a whole has also become more conscious of the environment and social ethics Kotler et al, According to the funder of Hell Pizza Callum Davies personal communication, August 15, , his company contribute to various charity organisations, and does their best to buy from local businesses, thereby backing the New Zealand economy.

    An example was when Hell Pizza donated all the revenue they made in their shops on 16th of March, , to the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Scragg, The NZ demographic has evolved over the past decade. Tina Every business faces its own set of competitors, and it must recognise these competitors in order to change its marketing strategies accordingly Kotler et al, a. Competitors can be categorised into four levels.

    First level is businesses which offer comparable core products. Second level is those serving matching level of product. The third level is companies which offer the same service. Lastly, the fourth level is anyone who is competing for the same consumer dollar, including the consumers themselves Kotler et al, a. For the purpose of this report, only direct competitors who are on the first level are analysed, as it is difficult to measure the exact impact of all other indirect competitors.

    Points of Difference 1 Innovative and controversial marketing campaign Not only can the customers easily identify the distinctive Hell theme, its marketing strategies have established its brand as more than just an image; it has taken on its own personality Medcalf, b. As mentioned earlier, Hell Pizza has recently developed a health traffic light system, which not many of their competitors have done Laws, However, as Sharma and Gadenne found in their study, businesses that differentiate itself from its competition through quality are more likely to maintain their market share, as opposed to businesses with low pricing strategy.

    Hell Pizza is therefore more likely to secure their position in the market against new entrants than other budget companies. Most companies segment a market by two or more demographic, geographic, psychographic and behaviouristic variables, however there is no single way to segment a market Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, Armstrong, b. However, this has changed since the Christchurch earthquake, which caused an estimated number of people to leave the area.

    In New Zealand Hell Pizza operates 65 outlets in 16 towns and cities. Significantly more branches are in Auckland region 25, followed by 14 brunches which are located in Wellington region Statistic New Zealand, a. The correlation between the number of Hell Pizza outlets and the population distribution can be seen from Image 1 and 2. Tables 1,2,3,4 and 5 are the information data retrieved from Roy Morgan and variables by which demographic profile of the market segmentation was identified.

    Generation It can be seen from the table 1 below, that out of those who visited Hell Pizza outlets Generation Y made up the most of those who visited, followed by Generation X and Z. Table 1. Percentage of the generation of adult population 14 years and over who visited Hell Pizza in the past 4 weeks for the period from August — July Reprinted with permission Sex. Table 2. Percentage of make and female of adult population 14 years and over who visited Hell Pizza in the past 4 weeks for the period from August — July Reprinted with permission Ethnic Group From data derived from Roy Morgan, table 2, it was found that out of those who visited Hell Pizza in the past 4 week European population made up a significantly larger portion of those who visited.

    Table 3. Percentage of male and female of adult population 14 years and over who visited Hell Pizza in the past 4 weeks for the period from August — July Table 4. Percentage of how much does your family spend on all living and household expenses in an average week dollars of adult population 14 years and over who visited Hell Pizza in the past 4 weeks for the period from August — July Reprinted with permission Occupation As can be seen from the table 5 below, out of those who visited Hell Pizza in the past 4 weeks, the majority of them works full time, out of this majority, most are white collared workers.

    Table 5. Percentage of occupation of adult population 14 years and over who visited Hell Pizza in the past 4 weeks for the period from August — July Georgaphically, Hell Pizza mainly segments Auckland and Wellington as to larger markets. Hell Pizza is suitable for themed parties such as Halloween, conferences and other occasions. Below is the two-dimensional map of Hell Pizza and its main direct competitors in New Zealand — Pizza Hut and Domino, based on online research.

    This choice is unique to Hell Pizza, differentiating it from its competitors. The differentiating point for Pizza Hut is that it offers greater variety of Mia Pizza snack pizza than the other two pizza shops Pizza Hut, Product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need Kotler et al, a, p. Kotler et al a suggest that product should be viewed in three levels: Core Product: What is the core benefit your product offers?

    Augmented product — Hell Pizza benefits its consumers with a choice for those who are gluten free, vegetarian or those who prefer HELLthier option meals. Personal selling in Hell Pizza can also be referred to an intangible augmented product as an important part of a hospitality product. Hell Pizza is focused on quality and had never competed solely on price Allen, Therefore: — Externally Hell Pizza operates under monopolistic competition markets, where buyers and sellers, who trade over a range of prices, which occurs because sellers differentiate their offers Kotler et al, b. Hell Pizza uses a combined cost based — value based general pricing approach There are also different price — adjustments strategies such as discount pricing allowances, segmented pricing, psychological pricing, promotional pricing, value pricing, geographical and international pricing , that companies use to account for different customers and situations Kotler et al, b — Hell Pizza regulary applies promotional pricing attracts customers or rewards loyal customers, Kotler et al, b.

    Hell Pizza distributes in 16 cities and towns in New Zealand. Hell Pizza uses four methods of selling its products directly to the market: — Dine in or take away option. Customers can go to the nearest Hell Pizza, place an order and either eat at the restaurant or leave with the order — Order online. Domestic customers can place the order online, and either picks up the pizza or get it delivered.

    Fast and mobile option to order a pizza for either pick up or delivery for those who own an iPhone. Convenient for ordering if the only internet access you have is through the phone. Customers can place orders either via the phone, online or an iPhone. In order to build or reinforce corporate image, handle or head off unfavourable rumours, events or stories.